Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dec 13/14 - Snowing! Wet but Steady

Morning Gang!  Well I was concerned but the weatherman was right!  It started raining last night about 9pm with just drizzling but none the less rain and then at about 10 it stopped and all was calm.  I woke up at 7am and it was snowing straight down.  Still doing it and actually picking up intensity and getting lighter as our temp just dropped from zero to -1 in the last hour.  Its socked in up top.  Yahooo.  We are supposed to get snow all day and all night then its supposed to be partial sun with temps hovering in that +2 to -1.  Temps will be -8 ish at night so that will preserve snow also.

One note - beware of wet slides.  The weight of the new wet snow on the old snow will take a few days to bond.  I would stick to treed areas and stay off steeper slopes.  Be careful of stumps etc - we are still building base.  Otherwise - enjoy! Cheers - V

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