Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dec 20/14 - Snowing

Evening Gang,
Well I didn't post because not much was changing. We didn't get the flurries and it was snowing a bit up top but not much but I guess it has accumulated to a foot of new snow over the past few days up top.  Not much new down here. No real rain - a bit drizzling but that was snow and drizzle so not much of either to really change the landscape either way.  I have had a ton of calls re snow conditions.  SOOOOO... okay its snowing tonight.  Just started.  We are supposed to get 5-10cm which will make a difference for sure at the lower altitudes and trails.

With this amount going for a RIP on the trail will still dislodge rocks here and there on the parts washed out by flood but at the higher altitudes it will be significantly better riding.  Still if you adjust your expectations to "spring riding" then you will likely be very pleased with what you find in pockets out there. Note that a ton of people chomping at the bit will be out in all the usual places so that will be ridden out.

The girls at the Gear Hub in Fernie said they were getting rained on around that 5500ft mark but above that in Curry Bowl they were having some decent softer runs.  The same will be found with sledding.  We didn't get the rain down here but temps have been warmer and that sets up the snow a bit.  Think of it as building base :)

We are supposed to get "flurries" for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I am not going to get excited until they give me an anticipated amount of snowfall.  I will post some morning photos so you can see what fell overnight.

Cheers - V

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