Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quad Report: Sep 3/11 - Fire Ban done

Hi Gang,
Fire Ban for our area is done for now. We got three days of mist and rain and it cooled right off with there being ice on the pail of water I had outside this morning and frost. Now it is hot again and temps are supposed to be right back up in the 20's again this coming week. Trails are a lot of fun and quieter this time of year. Hunting has started so please be respectful of them. Read your maps from the to see which areas have hunting or seasonal closures on them.

I am booking up for July and August for next year. Cabin is in lock up and we should have it ready for Jan.

Sask residents make sure to bring proof of your quad insurance on your home insurance to produce if asked. During Hunting season the conservation officers are out and busier.

Ride safely, if you have a fire then please be diligent in containing it and putting it out thoroughly. Enjoy the fantastic fall weather we are having! Cheers, V