Saturday, April 3, 2010

Snow Report: April 3/10

Snowing and zero again this morning.

Curt has broke his thumb in 3 places out cross country skiing with Len, Lisa and I for his second time ever.... so his sled season is over. Not good for me to have him wake up and go to sleep to snow falling out the window right now LOL.

Forecast is for snow all day and all night and then on and off between temps of 4 and -4 until flurries and 5-10cm forecasted for Friday. You can scout out a lot of great stuff this time of year and still get stuck in the trees. Spring riding is still really good and you can check off the "rode in April" box on your sled calendar. Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Snow Report: April 2/10

Well it has snowed on and off every day for the past three days and it was snowing this morning per the photo and is snowing again this evening. It has been cool (+3 to -5) enough that it is accumulating above 5500ft but pretty well melts away down here. Pulled our kids out of school to ski Fernie on Tues, Castle Mountain on Wed and Kimberley on Thurs and it snowed every day wherever we were.
Lots of great sledding out back still and our guys from Medicine Hat are going to stay another day!
Curt says BEWARE the lower elevation trails for x-country skiing though - pretty sketchy LOL!