Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec 10/14 - Warm temps Snow in forecast

Hi gang - don't want to scare you but I wanted everyone to see for themselves what the weather has been doing over the past 24hrs.  We were supposed to get rain but it only drizzled a bit for an hour this morning.  All the while it was socked in up top snowing.  It was supposed to get to +10 but it only got to +8 and not for long.  I had the yard sanded so its had a big helping hand to look melted but it was a sheet of ice so I wanted to get rid of that before more snow came.

It is supposed to be getting cooler (+4 ish) daily on both sides of the Continental Divide til Saturday when it is supposed to go to -3 and -1 all weekend and snow on Saturday (again on both sides).  As you can see the snow is still rideable from our gate and it only gets better the higher you go.  We are at 4600ft and Corbin staging is at 5000ft and the difference is noticeable for snow quality and temp.  The Flathead is rough as we cannot groom it yet but the bowls will be fine.   Basically spring type riding.  Feels good to have miles logged on my sled already and the locals are riding.  So don't be shocked by low elevations- if we get 10cm on Sat it will be a very different photo.

Info from Tim at Over the Top Rentals in Calgary is that Golden is still getting snow and tons of people are headed that way.  Revy had great snow but has had 3 days of rain - not sure how that translates for snowpack there but he said he would likely give Revy some time to recover.  I would be on the watch here for wet slab movement on steep slopes if we get a bunch of snow Sat.  Temp swings make for bad playground manners with different snow types.

I am not fussed about the weather at this altitude.  I know there is about 3ft of snow as you go above 55-6000ft and that is where I would be riding anyway.   So judge for yourself and don't be afraid to call.  Cheers -V

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