Saturday, April 26, 2014

Apr 26/14 - Rodeo Weekend Storm

Well we are getting our standard Rodeo Weekend snow. About 3cm of slushy wet stuff. The guys were out last week and said the pipeline and Notch area were great riding and they probed and couldn't touch bottom but my photos at the bottom of the page show you Pipeline and Tent Mountain B Road staging areas are dry and you will have to drive in a bit if you are still riding. Rhonda and Matt Downs with the Betties and now Thunderstruck are riding this weekend - not sure where but their photos from last week looked awesome! We are done for the season. Putting the sleds away as we are busy with other obligations. Can't quad from the yard yet but with warmer temps being steadily around the +8 most days that will come soon enough. I also have photos of the yellow gate at Tent Mountain B road to show you they are logging there so if you ride that way then give way to the large equipment. Still able to go through just a bit of work happening there. We are hoping to put together an ALL TIMBERSLED weekend next winter to explore some stuff close that we can't get into with sleds due to the sidehills. Something to think about. I am signing off til more significant weather and photos are available. During the summer I don't blog much as its always good Quading Weather! There are some bugs hatching and waters are open (except for Summit Lake) so get your fly rod out if you haven't been at it already! Our summer is booking up fast so give us a call if you are considering a vacation here with us! Cheers and thanks for a great and thoughtful riding winter! V

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Apr 19/14 - Home from Kelowna

Hi Gang - we just got home from Kelowna. Stopped at Cranbrook this afternoon and the gang had just got in from sledding there and had awesome tans! Excellent day they said - snow set up but super riding and snow still thick enough - no bare spots. My Mom and Dad were resort sitting here and said it has been really nice except for the past two days that were spitting and snowing on and off here at the house. We are getting that tonight too but I guess it was warmish with no wind all day. The road is bare but there are still snowbanks from us piling up snow and the trail still has snow on it. Haven't been out as we have been in Kelowna all week. Kelsen I got your call tonight (11pm) so if you see this before I get back to you....we do have cabin ready to go if you guys decide to come Sunday and Monday night. Cheers -V

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Apr 12/14 - Snowing

Morning - we have 3cm of snow and its zero degrees and snowing steady as you can see by the background in the photos. We had a big rain in the middle of the night 4 nights ago but no other rain. Guests report very good spring riding conditions and have spent whole days in one area playing. They said the later afternoon riding when everything is starting to set up again in cooler temps has been the best. Henk had the Timbersled out even. Still soft spots where you can get royaly stuck. Our trail I guess was in great shape after all but ditch by Corbin was miserable to ride. Temps have been pretty warm so Curt could not groom the Flathead. GOtta run cause we have to get to Pincher and the snow is picking up rather than letting off. Flakes increasing in size as I type. Cheers - V

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Apr 7/14 - Report from the Notch

Evening spring riders, our guys report that Tent Mtn has seen a lot of activity and actually a triangle slid below the riders today. No one was involved and they headed to the Notch instead. I will have photos of the riding at the Notch tomorrow but it looked excellent. They said the snow wasn't soaked and that it was set up spring riding but they also found stretches of light snow coming up over the hood and carved their way East from the Notch. Their photos of the pipeline and Notch itself show that the wind was hitting it and there were waves of wind loading but that the snow was about 10-15cm deep in some spots. They said the pipeline had about 6 miles of rough riding but that it was actually very smooth and they were cruising on it yesterday. Not at all what I would expect!!! Was great to hear. We have had two days of +6 then back to freezing in the early evening. No new snow over the past 24hrs. Snow is getting wet at lower elevations. They said the staging area at Corbin was full today so thats why they went back to the pipeline. I am still booking in April as the snow is completely worth riding if you know what spring riding is like. It is better than your average spring riding. We are taking off to Kelowna so our resort sitters will be here but if you want to book in please call before the 12th or after the 19th as we do have some of the cabins booked already! Cheers! V

Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4/14 - Light Snow, Guests Arrive

Morning gang, its overcast and +2 and snowing on and off with 2cm on the ground fresh from last night. We haven't gotten rain, its only been snow at this altitude. Supposed to snow today and tomorrow with it potentially turning to rain by Sunday as temps rise to +8 daily for the next three days. Reports are that there are 70-90cm of fresh snow from last week ontop of the mid-March crust. That will be setting up with solar radiation but there are likely still areas of deeper fresh snow. Keep your expectations for spring riding as the course of the day will change the conditions dramatically, and you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are riding trails then expect that creeks will be open with snow bridges melting. Curt had groomed the Flathead last Wed so its been over a week and the first 5km are rough as most riders ride in and then head up to Barnes. The farther you go down the Flathead the better it will get.....noted there isn't much in the donation box....just sayin'. Curt back next week and if temps/conditions allow, he will try to groom again. Our trail hasn't been touched coming out of our yard - some sledders arrive today, Tues and then again on the weekend so if it gets ridden it will be rough fast so I always advise being up for trailering this time of year and saving your bones. Usually in spring, any trail riding you can cut out the better at the end of the day. I will have better info on Sat/Sun. Remember cornices are big and weak and if they fall they may bring down bigger stuff so avoid those slopes. Cheers - V

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2/14 - Warm temps

Hey Spring riders - well we had one day with no snow (April 1st) and then today it was +6 all day and that really put a crispy crust on top of the snow down here. I am seeing a bit of solar effect on the slopes around that 6000ft mark so I think you are going to find that set up is happening on south, southwest facing slopes but there might still be pockets of protected deep snow down in the lower parts of the alpine and in the trees. Still beware of those steep unsupported slopes - snow hates rapid temp changes even those that occur over the course of a day from morning to afternoon. This past week was awesome for snowfall and steady temps. Lots of riding left though - lots of good snow still - no gravel showing through in our yard yet even. Flathead is booked this weekend and Shannon - I got home late but I have a cabin for ya on the 8th - 12th ...I will call you tomorrow. Cheers - V