Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 25th - STILL SNOWING

Hi, Sorry Curt and Cooper have the camera at the Cranbrook poker derby today - said they were in waist deep snow!

We are finally getting our 2ft snowfall - I think we are over that and headed for more - supposed to snow another 10cm tonight and it hasn't let up. Been blowing snow today. Had a good 8 inches already on the ground this morning and easily 18 inches in the yard this afternoon and still snowing. The guys came in from Barnes meadow and said there was 18 inches of fresh up there this morning so I am guessing add another foot to that by now. Pipeline would be great to ride. Watch the avy reports still but enjoy the meadows! Cheers - V

Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 24/12 Snowing

Just a quick update - it is snowing. Snowed yesterday a little bit - couple of cms and tonight we have 2 inches working its way to 3 steadily. Supposed to snow a bunch tomorrow ( 10cm or better). Storm warning out. Avalanche Danger is tremendously high right now. Check out for South Rockies (warning is for numerous mountain regions)and also read the latest info on Temp is warming up from this morning and is going to start warming up from the -10 to +1 range from now til Wed. Take care - there is lots of season to come...just look at the blog photos from March and April last year. Cheers -V

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 22/12 Snowing

Its Snowing! Its snowing alot. Kids are skiing today and I am wondering what the roads will be like to go pick them up kind of snowing. You can see the tops of the trees but that is it and a quarter mile but its getting heavier. We have 2cm and it just started. Supposed to snow all weekend, take a break Monday and then start again. We have the smaller cabin and the newest cabin available Monday the 27th all week. Last photo is of the snowfall as of 11:00.

The other photos are of the Corbin Country Club Poker run this weekend - fantastic and over 200 hands sold on the Sunday. The silent auction hit Curt's pocket book hard LOLOL. Our new "groomer" is also now here. We had sold our Bombi and finally could replace it with the 1000 Commander so that we could maintain the yard and trail more frequently. It has a lot of heavy duty work ahead of it in the summer and winter with trail maintenance.

Fernie Snowmobile Club Poker ride and Snow Drags are now moved to the March 3rd weekend - check out their website for further details.

Corey's gang coming in for the log tomorrow is going to have excellent conditions! Cheers - V

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 14/12 Snow Drags cancelled

Howdy - well everyone got about the same amount of snow - 2-4 inches but a VERY NICE 2-4 inches....LOLOLOL Watched the guys video footage from today in Rain Gauge and it looked great - not powder great - but not tracked and lots of climbing all over the place. Some aspects had fallen down where we would expect and some are still hanging on wind loaded and were very solid so.....gauge it.

Fernie Club cancelled their snow drags because there wasn't enough snow where they were holding it to hold off a huge amount of hard racing. BUT! They have a family day ride to showcase their new trail so there is that option and then of course is the VINTAGE run at Corbin which is also a lot of fun. ELVIS BRING YOUR ROLLOFLEX!-maybe you will be towing out your new 1100 with it! LOLOLOL I am a bit cheeky tonight.

Avalanche report looks really good but always keep your eyes open - Lori at Zacs Tracs has some great clips on the most "innocent" terrain avalanching - check it out. Temp holding at -5 right now and on and off light snow.

Cooper, Curt, Harley, Biblow doing the Cranbrook poker ride on the 25th - check in is at the Days Inn from 7:30 to 10:30.

Fun Fun Fun - hope to see you all out sledding somewhere! Cheers -V

Snow Report: Feb 14th - Snow for my Valentine

Happy Valentines Day (just incase you forgot and it matters a bunch in your house).
The universe gave me snow for my day! Snowed 2-3 inches last night - just a pretty blanket as you can see but likely not enough to fill in all the tracks - you will still have to get off the beaten trail so to speak and find your pockets of untouched snow. For some reason I can't get my photo to download. Maybe tonight. It is -11 and not a breeze. Whatever you guys did last it again tonight....LOL - Keep the snow gods pleased! Cheers -Verlee

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 13/12 Light Snow

Good Evening,
Well we only have 1cm so far out of the 5-10 we are supposed to get - it is still snowing lightly up top but not sure how much will accumulate. Likely not enough to fill in tracks from previous days rides.

Justin's gang is here and they have excellent video of Rolling Hills. They have been here before and know the terrain and said the pipeline wasn't that bad for rough - had its spots but they got off into the cut blocks and the rolling hills. They had a really good base for hooking up and climbing about a foot or so under a sugary topping. The video was sweeping on the throttle but not having to work too hard type climbing in and out of the trees. Looked like a lot of fun and they said it was a good day.

Weather is supposed to warm up and be sunny this weekend for the poker derby at Corbin and Vintage run and the Free Ride family day with the Fernie Club and snow drags. We'll take it but then we expect the 15cm rule to finally be exercised - that Fernie jargon....if it snows 15cm everything shuts down so everyone can ski and sled! It applies here too! Get doing the snow dance gang. Cheers -V

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 11/12 Thanks Gang

Well that didn't take long. Thanks Gang - we booked out those cabins and a few more dates into March also.

Fernie Family Day ride is Feb 18th and they are NOT Marshalling - its a free ride say on their new (and groomed) trail to the cabin. Wonderful opportunity for anyone to see the new trail and talk to the people who are responsible for it.

Still no change today - cool so nothing is melting and no new snow. Our trail is in very good shape and don't worry if 7 mins from here you don't see any snow, you can easily ride from our yard - snow starts here and is like spring riding until you get in the alpine. Still more than enough for riding and in pockets you will find deeper snow like Cooper did today. He and Tanner hiked up Tecumseh Mtn to the north east of us and did a few backcountry ski runs. (Great to be a teenager around here). He said they were in snow up to their waist trying to snowshoe up. A friend from home skiing Fernie said there wasn't any new snow on the hill there either. Fingers crossed for some new snow before Family Day weekend - it happened last year! Cheers -Verlee

Friday, February 10, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 10/12 Opening for Family Day

Hi, it was cold the past two days at -18 yesterday and -10 today. Have only been getting skiffs of snow - nothing worthy or reporting.

We have had a cancellation for Family Day weekend time slot. The small cabin with a queen bedroom and double bunk bedroom, full kitchen, fireplace and hide-a-bed with bbq on deck is now open The weekend of Feb 17th and into the following week.

We also had a cancellation for Feb 24th weekend for our newest cabin with a queen bedroom, 2 bedrooms with a double bunk bed in each, full kitchen and 53" flatscreen and bbq on deck.

Very rare for us to get cancellations but both happened in the past two days. It is so rare that we don't keep waiting lists so if you called for either one of those dates and we were full I apologize. If you haven't already made other plans then they are available.

Cheers - Verlee

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 8/12 Cooler

Hi - Sorry the household has had a round of the flu but the temp today is -18 - which is good for stablizing the snow. There has been some activity in avalanches in the backcountry. Watch out of cornices - if they haven't come down then they need to are about to. We have been getting light snowfalls daily - nothing much a cm or two here and there, more up top but not the big dump. Snow is in great condition though and there is plenty to ride and the trees are really good.

Corbin Poker Derby coming up Feb 18th & 19th
Fernie Snow Drags Feb 18th
Cranbrook Poker Derby Feb 25th - that is our group of buddies that got us moved out to the mountains in the first place - always a ton a fun.

Hot tub is out of commission here - just a reminder - sorry it won't be replaced by season's end. Be safe, have fun and if you are wondering about April riding - I still believe it will be great! Cheers -V

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Report: Feb 3/12 - photos from Tuesday

The big avy let loose in Barnes Meadow right from the overhang all the way down and came out into the meadow about 1000ft. Glad that is down now. The photos of are Cooper, Boone and Curt playing in the meadow at Barnes. They went up to Limestone and the snow was so deep in the two drainages that Cooper had to get serious and give it another shot to get to the top. Was an awesome day riding and I think Cooper put his video on the Inn on the Border facebook group or he will today if he hasn't. Temp is -6 and we got 2-3 inches of super fluff snow yesterday.

Corbin Poker Derby is coming up Feb 18 - Vintage and Feb 19 - and they are having a silent auction. We are throwing in a two night stay for the auction. Should be a blast - great way for your family to ride together. Also the Fernie Snow Drags are on the 18th and that is always a blast. Great group too that has put a lot of effort into their trail system. Have some cash in your pocket for trail marshalling to support grooming efforts in the winter and trail maintenance (ie: chainsawing fallen trees, signage etc) all year long. We are booking into March now. Cheers -V

Snow Report: Feb 3/12 Newest Cabin photos

Our newest cabin is finished (except for siding on the outside) and we are calling it "The Flathead". It has a queen bedroom and two bedrooms with the double bunkbeds you see in the photos - double on the bottom and single on top. The loveseat is NOT a hide-a bed so 5-6 people is comfortable and two have to share the queen if you are having 6. Again this cabin is a no-smoking cabin and no pets like our others.

Our website is going to be going through some changes in a few weeks to update it with the newest cabin. Hope this makes it more comfortable for our guests! Cheers -V