Monday, May 25, 2009

Flash Pan!

Hey Gang - we have the coolest addition to your backcountry, boating, cottage, hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, sledding, quading, horse back riding or tailgating gear.

It is called the FLASH PAN and with its solid fuel bricks it will sear, grill, cook an outdoor meal with no fuss over making or being allowed to have a fire. We have used it alot and it is great! It is inexpensive to buy and to operate. I just love it and we cooked duck breast, sausage, onions, peppers etc etc all day on the long weekend. We have packed it in the soft pack and in the hard shell on the quad and it travels so easily even in a backpack!

I am going to take it to our next gymkana/rodeo day so Sommer and I and our friends can have a hot meal for lunch. It is the most compact affordable tailgate ever! In July we'll be floating in the boat out in the lake (Last Mountain in SK) - stop by for hors d'oeuvres or shore lunch!

We try to keep you entertained! Your hosts....V & Curt...Cheers!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Long Weekend Report

Beautiful weekend with our guests picking guitars around the bonfire at night and riding up the Trail of 7 Bridges during the days. The first photo shows the gang from Cranbrook - Dragon Ray & Mrs. Bates and the Halls from Countryside Homes & Miss World Traveller - Leanne. Almost all the toys are in the shot! Cooper and Spencer & Ian put lots of miles on their dirt bikes. Cooper and Tanner had the best "first day on the bikes" day and Sommer got some horseback riding in too after putting in days with Olivia catching brine shrimp at Summit Lake.
Check out the CNP Quad Squad site for gps maps, upcoming events and memberships (only $30 per year for an entire family!). The Calgary Quad Squad is now call the Calgary ATV Riders Association is you are looking for it on the internet.
Getting sun and rain on and off but no snow for at least 6 days. Trails are clearing daily.
Kale and Cooper were fishing last night and Kale is out there tonight on Summit and our trophy trout are biting like mad! Cheers.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Snow/Fishing Report: May 8/09

Hi Gang! Well, Trent from Walt Healy in Calgary picked up Curt last Sat and they went to Island Lake Resort west of Fernie for the Annual Fernie Snowmobile Club members only ride in the cat skiing area. It was awesome. We are still getting snow up top - just ask Clayton who has to drive in it on night shifts but this is only for the diehards now. Our trail still has snow on it and so quadding would be best right now east of us in Crowsnest area. Tune your bikes and quads!

Fishing! Summit Lake on BC side is almost ice free and the fish are jumping all day. I have included some photos. David & Deena bring your rods!