Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snow Report: April 28/09

Still Snowing up top! Temp is -5 - we aren't loosing a flake. Snowing a bit down here too. Last chance to get your "rode in April" ticked off your "ride every month of the year list". Don't bother bringing quads yet.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow Report: April 27/09

Still snowing! Snowing up top - visibility might be an issue in some spots. Snow hitting the ground here and all the way to Fernie today but not as hard as it was yesterday. Cool - temp is zero and they forecasted a storm warning from Calgary to US border all down the Rockies. Went sledding in April...CHECK!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Snow Report: #2 April 26/09

Okay it is snowing so much I had to do another post today and show photos. Smoochie is wondering when winter is over here in the mountains! It will be fantastic spring riding!

Snow Report: April 26/09

Snowing again up top today! Had a steady snowfall down here even yesterday evening and then some today so far too. Temp is 5 degrees and big flakes. Curt...sled is ready to go! Connor - Happy 18th!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snow Report: April 25/09

Snowing up top. There was snow from Brag Creek on and off to the Pass today but it is socked in up top all the way. Locals report 2ft of fresh snow at York Creek - pushing snow all the way. A bit of snow still down here at the Inn but the roads are all dry and clear. Supposed to keep up with the snowing on and off til Tues.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snow Report: April 23/09

SNOW. 4-6 inches of new snow and still snowing a bit (blowing a little also). I imagine there is double that out back. Temp is -5 and forecast is for snow daily until Tuesday! Hope you haven't summerized your sled just yet! You would have to haul around to staging area. Curt...I'll fill the sled up for when you get home - who is coming riding with him?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Snow Report: Apr 13/09

Wow! Snowing so hard I can't see the highway. Has been snowing lightly down here - harder up top all day from Fernie to Crowsnest. Had rain down here at lodge last night but was snowing up top. Temps cooled sitting at zero to +1.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snow Report: April 12/09

Ed and his son Keith reported really good spring riding the past few days at Corbin. Finding lots of snow in Heartbreak, Rain Gauge, Elliott. Some snow has come down and they found a fair amount of stable snow. Today it was snowing up top all day and even down at the staging area. It was raining at the Corbin Hwy turn off of Hwy 3. It was snowing a bit yesterday up top too. Temp is supposed to cool off for a few days. Happy Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Snow Report: Apr 10/09

Dale Green's group of seasoned spring riders found lots of snow in the trees at Barnes, Limestone and up into Barnes Lake and all along the way. Rain Gauge is losing its snow quickly though. They are going to try the pipeline today. The trail was rough to Barnes but improved to Rain Gauge and would continue to improve as you head south. They said they had a great time and will be back again next year.

The road is dirt here at our place and the snow is melting quickly down at the Inn. You can still ride from the Corbin staging area though. Enjoy your warm riding and wear sunscreen. Cheers!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow Report: Apr 6/09

Here are some shots of the Gang. DogRiver SK boys, Cranbrook Crew, Grande Prairie pair & A & E Racing gang. Not everyone rode together but the best part is meeting up, comparing notes and enjoying some of the best riding of the season. Over the course of a couple of days they rode Limestone, Fire Lake, Heartbreak and McClatchie and the snow was deep, heavy and tested everyone. Temp rose and everyone came back with tans. The hot tub was a medicinal necessity. Special to have such a great group of guys together.
Temp was +12 today and going up to +14 tomorrow. Snow is setting up but you'll still find fantastic riding off the trials of the trails. Our trail will only deteriorate now and I recommend giving your body a break and saving it for the main access trails by staging as close to your chosen riding area as possible.
Our ATV & bike groups have jumped on reserving their cabins with us for the upcoming spring, summer & fall so don't hesitate if you sledders are considering a vacation during the "off" season! Cheers.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snow Report: April 2/09

Leipert was out and up into Heartbreak and it was snowing too hard to see up there so they headed to the Notch. Snow is great. It is +2 this evening and snowing down here at the Inn. Life is Good. Dog River Crew enroute!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snow Report: April 1/09

See! Proof I wasn't April Foolin! Curt, Troy & Derrick up in Heartbreak and Curt said it was his best snow day of the year. At least 3ft of new snow. Snowed hard up top and on and off down here at the Inn all day. YEHAW!

Snow Report: April 1/09

Just a quick update at 10am - IT IS SNOWING AGAIN!

Snow Report: April 1/09

6 inches of new snow last night has settled to 4 inches of snow this morning down here at the Inn - No April Fools! Temp is zero and it is clearing off up top. Likely a foot of new snow up top on top of all the snow we have been receiving almost daily for a week or so. Curt heading up today with Troy and Derrick. Dog River & Cranbrook wild bunch arriving tomorrow. Great way to start April!