Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jan 7/15 - Steady bouts of Snow - more on the way

Hi Gang,
We have had steady bouts of snow with 5 to 15cm daily for a few days now.  Supposed to have flurries tonight and tomorrow with more snow on Sat.  Temps didn't get as warm as predicted and the snow here was unaffected.  Its -9 tonight and supposed to be around that -8 to -10 all week with -1 forecasted for the weekend on both sides of the Divide.

Guests report very good trails - they had some wind up top yesterday but not today and that the Flathead is a bit rough the first 5km but worth it as there was 5ft in the trees of unridden snow up in the alpine.  They said it was coming over the hood in places that hadn't been touched.  Curt had to blow the yard out on Monday before they could take the trucks up to the cabins.  They are super pleased and said they want to come back in March if that helps you gauge a possible trip.

Been getting lots of calls for reservations - for winter and for summer.  My Feb is looking almost full although we have NO bookings for week and weekend of Jan 12th - 18th (and there is a Zacs Tracs AST 1 course on in Fernie that weekend).  Weird as there is good snow and warm enough temps here.   I am starting to get bookings for March now too so if you know you want to come in March you better call me.

Safe riding, fun outside! Cheers - V

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