Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5/14 - 10cm or better and 15 more to come

Evening Crew,

We easily got 10cm and it blew around in spots so there's more than that in some places.  You can likely a 5cm or better for alpine riding.  We are getting light snow today at -9 currently and forecast is another 15cm and -15 tomorrow then Chinook Wednesday with -1 on BC side and +9 on Crowsnest side - jeesh!  Snow is light and and airy. Temps going to -5/-6 on weekend with partial sun and cloud.  Perfect!  I have the Divide cabin open this week & weekend.

Grooming hasn't started on the Flathead but the Fernie club groomed on Jan 2nd.  Please be aware that there is logging in the lower Flathead AREA and there have been snowmobile staging areas plowed out by Canfor at 16km Lodgepole, 42.5km on Lodgepole, 47km on Harvey and 57.5 on the Harvey.  They have a camp at 82km and there will be avalanche maintenance  in the Harvey so watch for signs.

Fernie Sno Drags are Feb 7th!

Watch for avalanche  (Fernie club) reported a rider being buried up to his neck at the Notch.

There's a course with Zacs Tracs Jan 16-18 (a couple of classroom and field sessions) on in Fernie that you could likely get in on

Cheers - V

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