Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 28/15 - cooling Down Still Snow to be Ridden

Morning, it is -4 and forecasted to go to +6. Snow in the forecast for Saturday.

Here is a screen shot of our guys in the Flathead cabin - yesterday on the Pipeline. They rode from our house and B road had logging right at the end that they had to dodge some gravel but otherwise it's spring riding and they said they are so glad to be sledding and not sitting in cold brown prairie. The other cabin hasn't found snow yet - Curt said trailer to Flathead, go 9km and turn left and go up. It can be that easy. So, we have snow. We DO NOT have powder. Don't ask me for it in the same sentence as "is there snow in your yard". You Are going to need scratchers, you Are going to run into bare patches on the trails at lower elevations or directly on the pipeline, you Are going to ride spring conditions "hero snow" and be able to go everywhere. You Are Not going to be cold. My guys that are having the most success are having a blast being able to sled, relax and hunt new areas cause they can get to them, and have drinks at night. Funny how guys want to ride in June like the pros.  This is like April riding. So adjust your expectations and come have fun sledding or wait for it to snow and then drop everything and come that very day to have a chance at it before everyone else.  Cheers - V

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