Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jan 25/15 - Warm Temps =Spring Riding Conditions

Ok I finally got photos loaded. These are the yard at noon today. It got to +9 today and it's headed to +10 on BC side and +13 with wind warning on Crowsnest side. Temps then dropping to +5 and the to -2 and flurries on Fri/Sat. We will likely have gravel spots in the yard by mid week but the trail will have snow. That being said, there are lots of sleds out so trails are getting rough and the trails to alpine are super rough. The guys are saying there's lots of riding out there and my last group said Limestone was a blast and they got stuck lots and want to come back for spring riding in April.

I would love to tell you it's snowing huge powder while still having perfect bluebird visibility with no avalanche risk. I have been sledding mountains for almost 20 years and never had that combo. So it's warm, trails are rough and bring scratchers - but ride to the top of everything, see all the places you won't when it dumps snow and hey, be out sledding instead of not. I gotta's the snow where you're at? Cheers - V

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