Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jan 4/15 - Happy New Year Snow!

Evening Crew,
Sorry I was away for a few days.  In that time we have received 10cm of new snow on Friday/Saturday and are getting hit again tonight with more snow - we already have 5cm and its supposed to snow all night so I am going to guess and say we will get 10cm down here.  Its snowing right now and getting warmer and heavier.  Its -16 and its been really cold the past couple of days.  Its heading to zero on the BC side and plus 8 on the Crowsnest side by Wed with snow forecasted on either side of that.  Should be interesting.

Well just wanted to give you a quick update that it was snowing again here.  I have the Divide cabin open all week and weekend otherwise I am booked.  Check out Summit Creek Cabins on facebook for some weekend photos posted by guests.

Cheers and be safe out there! - V

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