Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mar15/15 - Snowing Hard!

Well - Cooper and Curt were dirtbiking at Kookanusa Friday til today and had an awesome time with the crew from Corbin.  Then when they got home today our rain (it rained all night long here) turned to snow and now we are having one of the best snowfalls of the winter and what would have been expected in March.  We have easily 10-15cm and its still snowing hard (big wet flakes) not letting up one bit.  Snowfall warning for this area said it would do this today AND tomorrow.  Its a good weekend when you get to use ALL your toys LOL. If you are travelling tomorrow just take note that the highways will be slushy - have good wipers for when someone passes you.  Temps are hovering at that +1 to zero degrees and supposed to cool down Monday night to -7 and be warm during the day at +9 and then cool again at night with more snow forecast into Wed.  May turn to rain at lower elevations.  You are likely to run into a mix depending on elevation.  Watch for wet slides if you go out.

It is Vanessa (used to be our manager) and Elviss (was one of our best customers lol) celebrating their 3rd anniversary and hitting up their previous haunts on the road to getting hitched.  We were their first stop and it was just like old times...just missing Boss.  Congratulations you two! (Elviss crying cause he left his sled at home - have another jager-bomb and hope the snow doesn't follow you guys to Golden to torture you and then hope it isn't still snowing here when you come back to Fernie!) Cheers - V

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