Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar 17/15 - Happy St Patricks Day - Snowing Again

Hi Gang, just a quick update - my photos weren't good in the dark so no photos.  Its Snowing again.  Actually I think it was snowing for the later half of the day up top but now its reaching us at 4600ft.  It just started and is coming straight down and is nice and dry - we have a cm already in about 30 mins.  They said it would snow on Wed and its starting early.  I pushed snow today so the guys could get into the cabins.  I have two booked for til Sunday.  I have the Divide cabin open if anyone wants to come enjoy this snow.  Photos from Elkford have been actually amazing and we have gotten a bit more than Sparwood area.  Still expect spring riding but you are likely going to find pockets of deep snow in areas.  Watch for wet slides and pinwheeling heads ups.  This snow is going to guarantee that you have decent access into the alpine instead of riding stretches of open gravel.  Still trailer to staging areas and creeks will be open but much easier to cross.  I have seen a noteworthy amount of sled trailers and decks today.  I will get you photos in the morning.

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