Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mar 24/15 - Evening Update - Snowing Still

Hi - Top two photos are what it looked like around 6pm and bottom two are from around 11am.  Snowing started with the biggest softest grauple I have seen and now its medium sized flakes and +1 - been snowing all day and visibility up top is reduced and its getting heavier not letting up at all.  We have about 4-5cm as of 7pm.  Its supposed to be -5 tonight and snow on the Sparwood side with chance of rain likely at lower altitudes and then the rest of the week and weekend will be in the +10 t o +17 degrees.  On the Crowsnest side it is supposed to cloud over tomorrow and then the wind is going to pick up to a possible 70km/h and temps in that +10 to +16 range for the week/end also.  March came in like a lamb but its going out like a lion as it relates to sledding.  We continually get the best snowfalls near the end of Feb and end of March and this year despite being a low snow year is following that same trend.  Beware wet slides if you go out.  Don't waste a day because with the coming temps, your access to and from the alpine will change dramatically over the course of a day.  Cheers - V

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