Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mar 22/15 - Flurries in the Alpine Yesterday

Hi and Sorry I didn't get you a morning photo a few days ago but it only snowed 3cm down here so not much had changed and I had to get going.  So my guys here for the past 4 days had a great time back in Limestone and Heartbreak and they hit up Tent too.  They said the trail up to Barnes was rough but totally worth it as there was a good amount of snow up top.  They probed in Heartbreak yesterday and its still 8ft of base.  While they were up there it was raining a bit in Coleman and sleeting on the way up to our place and snowing right above us but up in the bowl they said they were stopped for a bit and got a foot of snow on top of everything while standing around - it was great but too socked in to venture out of the trees much not knowing what was above them.

I still see lots of sled decks pulling up into Atlas also on a daily basis.  Its clear today and that sun is packing some heat so I don't know how long the access into areas will hold.  Cheers and I hope everyone is having fun with their toys! - V

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