Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25/15 - Fire Ban On

Hi Gang - Well the deck is almost done on the Summit Log cabin - waiting for our rock to arrive.  We went on an epic ride on Saturday with Megan (who rode the hell out of her motocross bike - she had to work extra hard as it has no bottom end) and Kelly and Cooper and our crew from Corbin - great time.  Water was a bit high on the creeks and we only found snow above Wranglers on the Pipeline and the bikes had to get creative! We winched a few times but didn't have any carnage.

Just so you know an Alberta fire ban is now on.  We got a bit of rain today but it will take a lot more than that to cool the ground and settle dust and dampen trees.  So we will honor the ban here as the border runs right through us and I wouldn't want to be the person that started a forest fire!  Traffic moving pretty well at the construction right at the top of our access.  There are a few signs up to ask people not to block the driveway but they still do - not everyone but if you just signal and wait and stare they usually rearrange and let us in.  I haven't had to drive past yet and I have had the horse trailer on behind me many times. Be prepared for a bit of moisture this weekend and check your tires lol - cheers -V

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