Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feb 5/15 - Bah! Rain

Thought I would update everyone. It started to drizzle trying to snow and snowing up top in the afternoon. It has now been steady enough to negate the snow that fell today and we are down to ice again in the yard. It is 10:30 and +3. Forecast for tomorrow is a rainfall warning for Fernie area and a wind warning for Crowsnest. We will get rain/snow up here. Snow is forecasted Friday and Monday. But temps are going to be between +8 and 11 tomorrow from Sparwood to Crowsnest.

I guess Cranbrook is getting rain and so is Squamish although I don't know specifically where. Good idea to call ahead before road tripping. If you don't need to head here to sled then hold off.  It will be late spring conditions type riding at best and you will get wet.  I haven't been out since last week so I can't give you photos or specifics sorry. Next time you head out - read the Avy report because this weather is going to produce wet slabs. Sorry for the bummer news - get doing the snow dance! V

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