Monday, May 7, 2012

Snow Report: May 7/12: Sled & Quad

The Leipert crew were here and they brought sleds and quads and used them both. The guys said they had to drive in about 4 miles on the pipeline (a tree was down so they road a bit of gravel but not much) and went to the notch where on Sat it was snowing so much they couldn't see much. Hero snow and it is really set up in the morning so scratchers are a good idea. They had a blast. They had to build some access down the banks to get across creeks but managed. The creeks were not too high. They took their quads up Trail of 7 Bridges and all around on a night ride one evening. Did some winching through snow but said there were lots of trails under 6000 that they had no problems with. We have July 20th weekend open now as Thunder in the Valley is not going to happen this year. No fireworks. So our guests that come for that have decided to cancel. All three cabins are open and we have a couple of days on either side of that if you want a longer stay. Happy Spring! Cheers -V

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